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Hi all,

I'm Rami Jaschek. Born June 4th 1970. Married + 3.

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A short CV

I was born and raised in Tel-Aviv. I did my military service in the IDF Talpiot excellence program where I got my first degree in Exact Sciences from the Hebrew University. During my years in service I compeleted my MA in distributed artificial intelligence in the Hebrew University as well. I left the army and got married at 1996 to Tammy Milgrom.

I started a small consluting company with a friend and we both ended up joining a small spin-off company dealing with software for clinical labs named Softov. I ended up spending 12 years in Softov in several positions including 2 years starting up Netlims - Softov's US branch where we lived in NJ. During those years Tammy and I were blessed with two incredible daughters - Yael (on the left) and Eden (on the right).

After 12 very intesive years in the industry I decided it was time for a change and I started studying towards a PhD degree in computer science at the Weizmann institue at the field of BioInformatics. We also moved from our appt. in Tel-Aviv to a house in Rechovot. What a change... We were also lucky enough to have a wonderful new addition to the family and a young brother to two older sisters - Amit.

I graduated from my PhD studies and after a short term as head of the bioinformatics unit for the newly formed Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine (INCPM) I moved back to my old company (now named STMS). I continues to work on growing the company for 4 more years after which I decided it was now really time to move on and I am glad to say the company is also moving onward very nicely. 

So, currently I am back at Weizmann most of my time, investigating big data in health care. Working on a joint Weizmann-Clalit project of analyzing medical records trying to gain insight. Combing all my interests - programming, algorithms and biology. Also still consulting a bit to my old company and mostly spending more time with the family.  

To see my company's web page: http://www.stms.co.il

A bit on the project: http://www.weizmann.ac.il/WeizmannCompass/sections/features/the-bench-to-bedside-project 

Out of date,  but still out there: The academic page - see http://www.wisdom.weizmann.ac.il/~ramij/