The Web-Site for the Jaschek family

Hi all,

A few years back, my dad Eitan Shilo (formerly Jaschek) started an investigation into the Jaschek family tree. We found out there are more of us out there than we originally thought. What a nice surprise. So, the conclusion was that there is a point to having a web site dedicated to the Jaschek family, place to get updates on relatives you never met and get in touch.

For any of you who are intersted in having an address such as XXX@jaschek.net - please feel free to contact me (rami) and I'll be happy to set you up with an appropriate account and either forward your e-mail to you or give you direct access to it (I have close to 200 accounts to give out).

For updates and links to personal web sites : Jaschek Links 

For links to the Jaschek family tree leading up to the Israeli Branch:  Israeli Jaschek family tree

As this is a family/community  - I thought it would be nice to have a listing of the domain members. If you do not wish to be listed - please tell me when you ask for your account. I will not write the e-mails explicitly since crawlers use those to spam people - but from the user name - I guess you can figure it out. If you want me to add a paragraph under your name - I would be happy to do so  (we should be able to add entire pages - but I'm just starting here..). So - for our listing: Jaschek domain members

Important Note: This site is for all of us - to share information, learn of family members, see the lates news, etc. Any piece of information you wish to share, things you would want to see - just drop me a note and I'll try to incorporate. If you wish to actively assist in building new pages in the domain - let me know and I'll add you as a domain manager. The sky is the limit.

Jascheks of the world, unite :-).

All the best,