Hi End

Heard my first High-End system at the age of 27, and hooked since than ...

My Hi-FI system, unlike most Audiophiles, is very persistent.

I'm using Sony SCD -777ES as source component,  my trusty Creek 5350SE as Integrated Amplifier, and my speakers are Von Schweikert VR-2.

I'm participating in Tapuz  "Audio and Home Theater" Forum, as well as the dedicated site "Hometheater.co.il". My user name is 'boazj".

I wrote several articles/reviews for both sites (In Hebrew):

  1. Duevel Venus ביקורת אודיו: - רמקולים  
  2. MapleShade סקירת מוצרי   
  3. :-) בסגנון דוקטור סוס VR2 קניתי  

My next upgrade, should be my living room's acustic. Unfortunrlty this has been waiting for years due to "financing" issues.